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Custodial: Custodial Services

Library and web resources for Custodial Services.

About this page

This page provides tips for choosing the best resources to assist with your custodial services research.

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Resources for Your Custodial Services Studies

Deciding What You Need

1. Does your assignment require books?  Journal articles? Web sites? 

  • If your syllabus asks you for journal articles, click on the Articles tab, and learn about  ProQuest.
  • If your syllabus  asks for books, click on the Books tab, and learn how to find books in the RTC Library Catalog.
  • If your syllabus  asks for web resources, click on Web Sites. These pages list recommended web sites on many custodial services topics.  

2. If no formats are specified, think about the age of the material you need.

  • If you are researching something that is a established fact, try books (found in the RTC Catalog) or encyclopedias (found in the RTC Catalog), in Gale Encyclopedias or Credo Reference (found on the RTC Library Database page). Examples of established facts include "cleaning techniques" or "information on custodial services management."
  • If you are reseaching something new, like "trends in custodial services" try journal and newspaper articles (found in  ProQuest.)

 Need More Help?

 If you're not sure what you need, or how to begin, come in to RTC Library, call us at (425) 232-2331, or email us at We'll be glad to help.

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