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ctcLink at RTC: Home

A quick guide to information and URLs for ctcLink.

ctcLink Information

Useful URLS



  • February 11 –Last Day of Admissions & Registration in Legacy
  • February 15 –Last time sheet submission in TLR
  • February 24 –Legacy Shutdown •February 28 –ctcLink Go Live
  • February 28-March 13 – Student Services Closed. No payments, registration, etc.
  • March 1 – Mandatory Time sheet/Leave Workshops
  • March 14 – Admissions & Registration Opens in ctcLink, students are able to activate ctcLink accounts.





RTC Activate ctcLink Account -


Important notes:

  • You can still use your old SID/EID to get into Canvas through the end of Winter Quarter. After that, you will need your ctcLink ID or RTC email credentials. For end users, Canvas will not be affected during the conversion.
  • If you already have a ctcLink ID from another institution, it will be that same ID number.
  • From [1:45 PM] Parks, Amy

    "ctcLink does not have a way to enter OPL hours. In our old system, we were basically just tracking OPL hours used throughout the year. Since you've already submitted your work schedule for 2021-2022, you will not need to enter any leave for the hours you would normally submit OPL hours."