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Work Study Jobs: at RTC Library

This guide will help you learn how to become a work-study Library Assistant at the Renton Technical College Library.

RTC Library Interior

RTC Library
3000 NE Fourth Street
Renton,  WA 98056

Phone: 425-235-2331


Library Mission

The Library is committed to a culture of inclusivity, equity and advocacy by providing quality resources, spaces, staff and instruction in the pursuit of intellectual discovery, life-long learning and student success.

Getting a Work-Study Job at RTC Library



Library Assistant


$16.46-$17.56 (varies depending on experience/role)


Building C, Library






Monday –Friday


Di Zhang


Required Core Skill Sets:

  • Working knowledge of the English alphabet and numbers for filing
  • Strong command of the English language
  • Able to lift, squat, bend and stretch to reach high and low places
  • Able to push or pull fully loaded book carts (up to 150 lbs.)
  • Able to lift 5 pounds above head consistently in order to shelve books
  • Able to work independently and with others quietly
  • Able to follow written and oral directions; attentive to detail
  • Appropriate office communication in-person and on the phone with both staff and other students
  • Basic knowledge of computers and able to navigate or learn how to navigate computer programs
  • Willing to clean and help keep the library looking presentable
  • Willing to accept direction from others not in their direct line of supervision
  • Culturally responsive to RTC's values such as equity and integrity


  • Process materials
  • Shelf read bookshelves for accuracy
  • Retrieve mail and packages from Mailroom and Bookstore
  • Check book drops
  • Assist with checking materials in and out at the Circulation Desk
  • General office tasks: filing, typing, mail processing
  • Work on special projects and other duties as assigned

This position's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Processing new and older books, movies, and other items in the Library collection
    • Use of markers, solvents and cleaners is often involved
  • Shelf reading bookshelves for accuracy of filing/shelving
  • Retrieving mail and packages from campus Bookstore and Mailroom
  • Checking book drops
  • Assisting at the Circulation Desk with checking materials in & out and other duties as assigned
  • Typing, processing mail, and filing
  • Working on special projects and other duties as assigned

You do not need to have a deep knowledge of the Dewey Decimal (DDC).  Having a basic understanding is enough to help you as you file books as discussed above.  Plus, we will train you on a basic overview of DDC, but to get an overview of what it's all about, Wikipedia is a good resource.

The general order of steps in applying to be a work-study student at the Library are as follows.

  1. It all starts at the Financial Aid office or WorkFirst (if you are eligible).  If you are interested in being a work-study student in any area of campus, please contact or visit Financial Aid to find out about your eligibility and other important information. If you are signed up with WorkFirst, contact the WorkFirst office to inquire about on-campus employment.
  2. You will visit the Library to introduce yourself.  You will provide us with your contact and other information (including available work schedule).  Please understand that having visited Financial Aid and then us does not in any way mean that you have been selected to work here.
  3. If selected to interview, we will contact you to schedule a time to come in. You will take a library material filing skills test to ensure you can accurately file both by alphabet and number. Passing this filing test is the most important part of the interview and will determine your ability to work at the Library. 
  4. Upon passing the skills test, we can discuss your employment with the library. 

Work Schedule:

All student employees can only work up to a maximum of 19 hours per week, but this may vary depending on the amount of your work study award. The work schedule for this position is somewhat flexible so that we can work with you and your classes. We do, however, require a schedule to be established and used for the rest of the quarter.  Occasionally you may need to miss a shift or adjust your hours and that is fine as long as you follow the correct steps to let your supervisor know of your absence.

Payroll procedures:

If employed by the Library, students obtain a new timesheet each pay period, and they turn in the signed/completed timesheet to Financial Aid.  Students must ensure timesheets are filled out accurately and initialed/signed by their Library Supervisor or the Library Director. Students are paid twice a month upon the same payment schedule as all RTC employees which is roughly on the 10th and 25th of each month (this varies depending on weekends and holidays). Upon your Financial Aid orientation, you can determine how you would like to be paid either Direct Deposit or by a physical check.