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Automotive: Automotive

Library and web resources for students in Autobody, Ford ASSET, ITEC, Service Technician and other automotive programs.

About this page

This page provides tips for choosing the best resources for your automotive research.

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Resources for Your Car Repair Studies

Deciding What You Need

If you are searching for specific information about car repair procedures, cost estimates, service bulletins, recall information, car wiring diagrams, try Auto Repair Reference Center on the RTC Library Database page:

If you are reseaching something that isn't repair oriented - for example, new car information, trends in the transportation industry, job searching - try journal and newspaper articles, found in ProQuest, also on the RTC Library Database page: For more information on finding articles, click on the Articles tab above.

If you need new and used car prices, look for the Kelly Blue Book link on the Web sites page.

If you need books on how to paint and customize a car, Mitchells or Chilton's manuals, or a study guide for an ASE test, look on the Books page.

 Need More Help?

 If you're not sure what you need, or how to begin, come in to RTC Library, call us at (425) 232-2331, or email us at We'll be glad to help.


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