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Guided Pathways Resources: About Guided Pathways

The purpose of this Libguide is to provide selected resources on the Guided Pathways movement for faculty, staff, and students.

Guided Pathways in Washington State: An Overview

According to the SBCTC, Washington’s Guided Pathways is a research-based approach that simplifies choices for students. 

Courses are grouped together to form clear paths through college and into careers, whether students enter those careers directly after graduation or transfer to a university for more study in their chosen fields. Students get intensive, targeted advising to choose a path, stay on the path, learn what they need to know and graduate. 

In Washington state, our Guided Pathways efforts are focused on helping more of our students — especially low-income, first-generation students and students of color  — earn credentials to prepare them for entry into higher-paying, high-demand fields with value in the labor market. 

Find out more about Washington State’s Guided Pathway efforts on the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges website

Want to Access the Guided Pathways Planning Course in Canvas?

Want to keep current with what's going on with Guided Pathways on campus? Check out the Guided Pathways Planning Course in Canvas.

To access the Guided Pathways Planning Course, please sign up as a student by following this link.

You will need your RTC ID number and your password for Canvas. If you don't remember your password, contact our IT Help Desk at (425) 235-5200 (students).

Guided Pathways Coordinators

For more information about Guided Pathways at RTC or to get involved, contact our Guided Pathways Coordinators:

  • Camille Pomeroy, College and Career Pathways Faculty
  • Marsha Dubuk, Entry Advisor