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Nursing Resources: Nursing Theorists

Resources for Renton Technical College nursing students.

About this page

This page offers books and weblinks to information on the nurses and scholars who have developed theories of nursing practice.

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Nursing Theory Websites

Books on Nursing Theory in RTC LIbrary

And More Nursing Theory Books

Understanding the work of nursing theorists: A creative beginning. Call Number: 610.73 SITZMAN 2011

Nursing : The philosophy and science of caring. Call Number: 610.73 WATSON 1985

Advancing King's systems framework and theory of nursing. Call Number: 610.7301 ADVANCI 1995k

Nursing theory : analysis, application, evaluation. Call Number: 610.7301 BARNUM 1994

Nursing: the practice of caring. Call Number: 610.7301 BISHOP 1991

Culture care diversity and universality: A theory of nursing (2nd ed.). Call Number: 610.7301 CULTURE 2006c

Imogene King: A conceptual framework for nursing. Call Number: 610.7301 EVANS 1991

Dorothea Orem: Self-care deficit theory. Call Number: 610.7301 HARTWEG 1991

A theory of nursing: Systems, concepts, process. Call Number: 610.7301 KING-I 1981

Language of nursing theory and metatheory. Call Number: 610.7301 LANGUAG 1997n

Fundamentals of nursing models, theories and practice. Call Number: 610.7301 MCKENNA 2014

Nursing theories and nursing practice. Call Number: 610.7301 NURSING 2001t

Nursing theorists and their work. (5th ed.) Call Number: 610.7301 NURSING 2002 c.2

Nursing theories: Conceptual & philosophical foundations. Call Number: 610.7301 NURSING 2006t

Nursing theories and nursing practice (2nd ed.). Call Number: 610.7301 NURSING 2006n

Nursing: Concepts of practice (5th ed.). Call Number: 610.7301 OREM-D 1995

Philosophies and theories for advanced nursing practice. Call Number: 610.7301 PHILOSO 2011t

Peplau's model in action. Call Number: 610.7301 SIMPSON 1991

Nursing: Human science and human care. Call Number: 610.7301 WATSON 1999

Postmodern nursing. Call Number: 610.7301 WATSON 1999p

Nursing: Human science and human care : a theory of nursing. Call Number: 610.7301 WATSON 1999

Nursing theories and models. Call Number: 610.7301 WESLEY 1991

Nursing illuminations: A book of days. Call Number: 610.7301092 VANBETT 2004

A dictionary of nursing theory and research. Call Number: 610.7303 POWERS 1990

Hildegard Peplau: Psychiatric nurse of the century. Call Number: 610.7368092 CALLAWA 2002