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Building Skills, Construction Management & Building Engineering: Conservation, Preservation & Restoration

Library and web resources on building skills, construction management & building engineering

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This is a small sampling of the RTC Library's books on Pacific Northwest architecture, and architectural preservation, restoration, and conservation.

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Some of our Conservation/Restoration/Preservation Books

Pest management in museums, archives, and historic houses / David Pinniger; illustrated by Annette Townsend; rodent and bird chapter by Adrian Meyer.  Call Number: 069.53 PINNIGE 2001

A history of architectural conservation / Jukka Jokilehto. Call Number: 363.69 JOKILEH 1999

Renovating Old Houses: Bringing New Life into Vintage Homes / George Nash. Call Number: 363.69 NASH-G 2003

Architectural conservation:  principles and practice / Aylin Orbaslı. Call Number: 363.69 ORBASLI 2008

Paint research in building conservation / edited by Line Bregnhøi ... [et al.]. Call Number: 363.69 PAINT 2006r

The preservation of historic architecture: the U.S. government's official guidelines for preserving historic homes / Department of the Interior. Call Number: 363.69 PRESERV 2004h

The Economics of Historic Preservation: A Community Leader's Guide / Donovan D. Rypkema. Call Number: 363.69 RYPKEMA 1994

Historic preservation: an introduction to its history, principles, and practice / Norman Tyler. Call Number: 363.69 TYLER 2000

The American Mosaic: preserving a nation's heritage / edited by Robert E. Stipe and Antoinette J. Lee. Call Number: 363.690973 AMERICA 1987m

Innovative Tools for Historic Preservation / By Marya Morris. Call Number: 363.690973 MORRIS 1992

A richer heritage: historic preservation in the twenty-first century / edited by Robert E. Stipe. Call Number:363.690973 RICHER 2003

Preparing a Historic Preservation Plan / By Bradford J. White & Richard Roddewig. Call Number: 363.690973  WHITE 1994

Historic Preservation and the Imagined West / Judy Morley. Call Number: 363.690978 MORLEY 2006

Period details / Judith and Martin Miller. Call Number: 643.7 MILLER 1987

Housekeeping for historic homes and house museums / By Melissa M. Heaver. Call Number: 648.5  HEAVER 200U

Historic preservation:  project planning & estimating / Swanke Hayden Connell Architects. Call Number: 690.24 SWANKE 2000

Historic Preservation Technology / By Robert A. Young. Call Number: 690.24 YOUNG 2008

Stone buildings: conservation, repair, building / Patrick McAfee. Call Number: 693.1 MCAFEE 1998

Landscapes and gardens for historic buildings; 2nd ed., rev. / Rudy J. Favretti and Joy Putman Favretti. Call Number: 712.0973 FAVRETT 1997

What style is it?: a guide to American architecture / by John C. Poppeliers, S. Allen Chambers, Jr. Call Number: 720.973 POPPELI 2003

Adobe conservation: a preservation handbook / compiled by the technical staff of Cornerstones Community Partnerships; with illustrations by Francisco Uviña Contreras. Call Number: 721.0288 ADOBE 2006c

Conservation of historic buildings; 3rd ed. / Bernard M. Feilden. Call Number: 721.0288 FEILDEN 2003

Historic building façades: the manual for maintenance and rehabilitation / New York Landmarks Conservancy; William G. Foulks, editor. Call Number: 721.0288 HISTOR 1997b

Materials & skills for historic building conservation / edited by Michael Forsyth. Call Number: 721.0288 HISTOR 2008b

The Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture / By Rachel Carley Call Number: 728.0973 CARLEY 1997

Old House Dictionary: An Illustrated Guide to American Domestic Architecture (1600-1940) / By Steven J. Phillips. Call Number: 728.0973  PHILLIP 1994

American House Styles: a concise guide / by John Milnes Baker. Call Number: 728.370973 BAKER 2002

The Vintage House Book: Classic American Homes 1880-1980 / By Tad Burness. Call Number: 728.370973 BURNESS 2003

Architectural tiles: conservation and restoration: from the medieval period to the twentieth century / Lesley Durbin. Call Number: 738.60288 DURBIN 2005

Toward a new regionalism: environmental architecture in the Pacific Northwest / David E. Miller. 720.4709795 MILLER 2005

Made to last: historic preservation in Seattle and King County / Lawrence Kreisman.  Call number: 363.6909797 KREISM 1999

The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest / Lawrence Kreisman and Glenn Mason. Call number: 709.7950904 KREISMA 2007.

Beautiful America's Northwest Victorians / Kenneth Naversen. Call number: 720.979709 NAVERSEN 2001

Seattle Architecture: A Walking Guide to Downtown / Maureen R. Elenga. Call number: 720.9797772 ELENGA 2007.

Distant Corner: Seattle Architects and the Legacy of H.H. Richardson / Jeffrey Karl Ochsner and Dennis Alan Anderson. Call number: 720.9797772 OCHSNER 2003.

The Seattle Bungalow: People and houses, 1900-1940 / Janet Ore. Call number: 728.3730977  ORE-J 2007

Built in Washington: 12,000 years of Pacific Northwest archaeological sites and historic buildings / written by the staff of the Washington State Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. Call number: 979.7 BUILT 1989i

National trust guide, Seattle: America's guide for architecture and history travelers / Walt Crowley; with Paul Dorpat, photography editor. Call number: 979.778 CROWLEY 1998

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