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Psychology Resources: Articles

About this page

This page provides tips for finding journal and magazine articles on psychology topics.

Learn to cite articles by clicking on the "Using APA" tab above.

Need help?

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Finding Articles

Three RTC Subscription Databases Offering Millions of Journal and Magazine Articles

  • ProQuest - journal and magazine articles on all subjects.
  • CINAHL with Full Text  - journal articles on medicine and health.
  • eLibrary  - magazine and newspaper articles and books.

Other databases with journal and magazine articles include: SIRS Discoverer and History Study Center. The library also carries nearly 200 paper journals and magazines. Check our catalog to find those.

The non-subscription (free) Directory of Open Access Journals offers links to many free online journals.

These databases can be found on the RTC Library Database Page at:

Searching ProQuest   

Video on Searching ProQuest

Searching ProQuest Quick Start:

  • Go to the RTC Library Database Page
  • Click on “ProQuest”.
  • If you want to limit your search to only databases specializing in certain subjects like health  or literature, click the subject where it says "Search Subject Areas".
  • Type your terms into the search box. (See image below.)
  • Select Scholarly Journals if the article must be from a journal. Select Peer-reviewed if you want research articles.
  • Click on the search button. It looks like a magnifying glass.

ProQuest Search Screen


Searching CINAHL with Full Text  

Video on Searching CINAHL with Full Text 


Searching CINAHL Quick Start:

  • Go to the RTC Library Database Page.
  • Click on “CINAHL with Full Text”.  
  • Type your terms into the search boxes.
  • Select which fields you want CINAHL to search
  • Select your limits below the search boxes (not shown)
  • Click on the Search button. 

CINAHL Search Screen

Searching eLibrary  

Searching eLibrary Quick Start:

  • Go to the RTC Library Database Page.
  • Click on “eLibrary”.  
  • Type your terms into the search box.
  • Uncheck the boxes of any format you don't want, in the list below the search box.
  • Click on the search button.

eLibrary Search Screen



Searching Directory of Open Access Journals


Searching DOAJ Quick Start   

  • Go to the DOJ search link:
  • Choose to search for a journal title or an article, and type your search terms in the correct box.
  • Review your results.

DOAJ Search Screen


Can't Find the Full Text of Your Article in the Database?

We can get the full text of articles from other libraries for your class-related use.  Remember to request your article early, because it can take a few weeks to obtain it.