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Science: Scientists' Biographies

Articles, web sites, and other resources to help with your science coursework

About this page

This page lists some of the scientists' biographies carried in RTC Library.

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Online Resources

Scientist Biographies in the RTC Library Collection

Linnaeus: The Complete Naturalist / By Wilfrid Blunt. Call Number: 508.092 BLUNT 2001

Chrysalis: Maria Sibylla Merian and the secrets of metamorphosis  / By Maria Merian. Call Number: 508.092 TODD-K 2007

Heretic in Darwin’s Court: The Life of Alfred Russel Wallace. Call Number: 508.092 SLOTTEN 2004

The Forgotten Genius :The Biography of Robert Hook, 1635-1703 / By Stephen Inwood. Call Number: 509.2 INWOOD 2005

The Curious Life of Robert Hooke / By Lisa Jardine. Call Number: 509.2 JARDINE 2005

Lives of a Biologist / By John Tyler Bonner.  Call Number: 570.92 BONNER 2002

The Snoring Bird: My Family's Journey Through a Century of Biology / By Bernd Heinrich. Call Number: 570.92 HEINRIC 2008

What Mad Pursuit / By Francis Crick. Call Number: 570.92 CRICK 1988

A to Z of Biologists / By Lisa Yount.  Call Number: 570.922 YOUNT 2003

Cell Scientists: From Leeuwenhoek to Fuchs / By Kimberly Fekany Lee. Call Number: 571.6092 LEE-K 2009

Of Molecules and Men / By Francis Crick. Call Number: 572.8 CRICK 2004

Ahead of the Curve: David Baltimore’s Life in Science / By Shane Crotty. Call Number: 572.8092 CROTTY 2001

Max Perutz and the Secrets of Life / By Georgina Ferry. Call Number: 572.8092 FERRY 2007

James Watson: Solving the Mystery of DNA / By Janet Hamilton. Call Number: 572.8092 HAMILTO 2004

Rosalind Franklin and the Structure of Life / By Jane Polcovar. Call Number: 572.8092 POLCOVA 2006

The Double Helix / By James Watson. Call Number: 572.86092 WATSON 1997

Avoid Boring People / By James D. Watson. Call Number: 572.8092 WATSON 2007

DNA: The Secret of Life / By James D. Watson. Call Number: 572.86 WATSON 2003

Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA / By Brenda Maddox.  Call Number: 572.86092 MADDOX 2003

Rosalind Franklin and DNA / By Anne Sayre. Call Number: 572.86092 SAYRE 2000

Coming To Life / By Christiane Nusslein-Volhard. Call Number: 576.5 NUSSLEI 2008

Making Genes, Making Waves / By Jon Beckwith.  Call Number: 576.5092 BECKWIT 2002

The Tangled Field: Barbara McClintock’s Search for the Patterns of Genetic Control / By Nathaniel C. Comfort. Call Number: 576.5092 COMFORT 2001

A Feeling for the Organism: The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock / Evelyn Fox Keller. Call Number: 576.5092 KELLER 2003

Barbara McClintock: Genius of Genetics / By Ray Spangenburg and Diane Kit Moser.  Call Number: 576.5092 PASACH 2006

Francis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code / By Matt Ridley. Call Number: 576.5092 RIDLEY 2006

A Life Decoded / By J. Craig Venter. Call Number: 576.5092 VENTER 2007

Barbara McClintock: Pioneering Geneticist / By Ray Spangenburg. Call Number: 576.5092 SPANGEN 2008

Gregor Mendel and the Discovery of the Gene / By John Bankston. Call Number: 576.52092 BANKSTO 2005

Gregor Mendel: Father of Genetics / By Roger Klare. Call Number: 576.52092 KLARE 1997

Gregor Mendel: Genetics Pioneer / By Lynn Van Gorp. Call Number: 576.52092 VANGORP 2009

Darwin’s Origin of Species / By E.J. Browne. Call Number: 576.82092 BROWNE 2006

Life in the Treetops / By Margaret D. Lowman. Call Number: 577.34092 LOWMAN 2000

Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek: First to See Microscopic Life / By Lisa Yount.  Call Number: 578.092 YOUNT 1996

Eugenie Clark: Marine Biologist / By Ronald A. Reis. Call Number: 578.77092 REIS-R 2005

Seafaring Scientist: Alfred Goldsborough Mayor, Pioneer in Marine Biology / By Lester D. Stephens. Call Number: 578.77092 STEPHEN 2006

Felix d'Herelle and the Origins of Molecular Biology / By Ernest Peter Fischer. Call Number: 579.092 SUMMERS 1999

The Man Who Saved Turtles / By Archie Carr. Call Number: 590.92  DAVIS 2007.

Richard Dawkins, How a Scientist Changed the Way We Think / Edited by  Alan Grafen and Mark Ridley. Call Number: 591.5092 RICHARD 2006d

Time, Love, Memory /  By Seymour Benzer.  Call Number: 591.5092 WEINER 1999

Jonas Salk, Microbiologist  /  By Ronald A. Reis.  Call Number: 610.92 REIS-R 2006 

This list was updated 9/23/2009.   Additional materials may have been added since this list was compiled.  Check the RTC Library Catalog at: