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Social Sciences: US History

Web sites, books, and journal articles for your social sciences coursework.

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Useful web links for US History.

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US History Web Sites

History DVDs

Documentaries and feature films on American history in  RTC Library:

9/11. A documentary crew filming a rookie New York fireman accidently records footage of the first plane hitting the Trade Center.  They then follow the fireman into the towers.  Includes interviews. 129 minutes.  Call number - Media 973.931 NINE-EL 2002.

Abraham Lincoln: Preserving the Union. A biography of president Abraham Lincoln. 100 minutes. Call number - Media 973.7092 ABRAHAM 1996L.

Benjamin Franklin: Citizen of the World. A biography of founding father Benjamin Franklin. 50 minutes. Call number - Media 973.3092 BENJAM 1994f.

Civil War Battlefields. Volumes 1 & 2. Relive some of the most important battles of the Civil War, including the battles of Manassas, Antietam, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Appomattox and more. Volume 1, 130 minutes. Volume 2, 116 minutes. Call number - Media 973.73 CIVIL 2007 v.1 and 973.73 CIVIL 2007 v.2.

During the War, Women Went to Work.... In World War II, for the first time, large numbers of women were needed in the factories of the United States. Women of Washington state, who worked in shipyards and airplane plants, are interviewed for this documentary. 103 minutes. Call number - Media 940.5308209 DURING 2007w.

Founding Brothers. Volumes 1 & 2. The brilliant men who worked for the first president, and the controversies that shaped the first years of this country. 100 minutes.  Call number - Media 973.4 FOUNDIN 2002b v.1-2.

How the States Got Their Shapes. Why does Oklahoma have a panhandle, and why does California bend?  Many interesting stories about how the states of the US got their shapes. 100 minutes. Call number - Media 917.3 HOW-THE 2010s.