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Copyright information for teachers and school staff.

About this page

This LibGuide does not constitute legal advice.  (I'm not a lawyer.) It is based on information I have accumulated based on years of studying copyright.

Considering Copyright - Library Resources

Why Is Copyright Important?

The most important things educators need to remember about copyright are:

1.  Copyright law determines what educators can legally copy for students.

2.  Instructors in not-for-profit educational institutions have special rights - they can copy more than the average person. It's important to know what those rights are, because schools that have made mistakes have been sued and paid damages to copyright holders. 

Are you copying legally?  If you stay within the RTC Photocopying of Copyrighted Materials Policy, you are probably safe.  Want to copy more than that?  You will need to make the argument that your use is Fair Use.  Click on the "Fair Use & the Photocopy Policy" tab to find out what Fair Use is.

Are you using DVDs and other media in your classroom legally? See the "Classroom Media" tab.

Want more information? See the Copyright Links tab for more material on copyright, public domain materials and copyright tutorials.

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