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Media Mania: Liz's Video Ideas and Guide

LibGuide to support Liz Falconer's online courses for instructors.

No Words

Student Stories: Interviews and samples of student life:

Messages with no Words:
*Choose music that speaks to the heart
*Don't be afraid to get even shy people involved
* Tell participants about how the project relates to them
The back story: It was pouring down rain and I had to hold the large signs under my raincoat as we ran from building to building; we were under a deadline to get it done ASAP. There is a mis-spelling on one of the signs: Always double-check anything written!
"Don't Cut the Solution"  shown to legislature during budget cuts:



All the major movie programs allow you to upload jpegs as all or part of your movie. Adding music to this also adds engagement.

I was able to put this together as part of our Canvas introductory campaign.  I added text boxes to the jepgs, and  used the photos also in posters.

*Talk to people and summarize what they said in short quotes.

*Try include as many "voices" as possible.

* You can gain new friends campus-wide if you force yourself to talk to new people!

Backstory: It was summertime, with very few people on campus, and I was getting ready for fall.

Create a Story: Interviews

"News story" style video tips: *Ask lots of open-ended questions so answers can go many directions
*Be careful about background noise when interviewing on site
*Tell them you will edit any mistakes so that they relax when talking
The backstory: I was nervous to go into the welding department, but the instructors welcomed me in. Never let your self-consciousness get in the way of a great video!