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Researching and Writing a Paper: Home

This guide is about how to start, research, write, and format, a paper.

This LibGuide is about how to begin, research, write, edit, and format, a paper for a class. There are pages in this LibGuide about the details of the research process and each of the steps in writing a paper, and explanations about it all - with links to related sub-pages. Below are links to each of the pages in this LibGuide.

You can follow the steps that begin with 'Starting your writing assignment', or you can scroll further down and click on any of the sub-page links to jump straight to whichever topic you wish to know more about. Except for one topic (citations) every page in this LibGuide is a collection of useful ideas and approaches for you to use in whatever ways seem good to you. With writing, any approach that enables you to write a good paper is good, with citations you need to follow the guidelines precisely and exactly.

If you have any questions about topic-selection, research, citations, paper-writing, or formatting, that you do not find answered in this LibGuide please ask us questions right away! From 8am to 7pm, Monday through Thursday, librarians and library-staff are 'standing by to help you' (we're still available by telephone and email on Fridays from 8am to 5pm).

The Steps:

More information about research and writing (links to pages and sub-pages):

Planning your research and paper

Finding Sources for your paper

How and why to cite your sources

Scholarly articles? Other publications?

Reliable and Unreliable Sources

Writing and Formatting your paper

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