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Running Start Library Resources Guide: Librarian Help


Questions about Running Start?

Chelsea Good is your Running Start Counselor.

She can be reached at:
(425) 235-2352 ext. 5714
I - Room 226

Running Start webpage

Running Start Application packet

How to Contact Us for Help

How to get help from the Librarians:

You can still:

Questions? Please contact us. We're here to help.

Writing a Paper

Getting ready to write a paper or start a project?

1. Decide what you want to argue or research. To make sure you have identified exactly what you want to argue, try describing it in one sentence. Example: Debate should be taught in all grades of U.S. schools. 

2. Write down a list of keywords you'll use to search RTC's online databases for articles. For the above topic: debate, argument, reasoning, child development, developmental stages, benefits, advantages.

3. Go to the RTC Database page. Select a database. ProQuest is a good database for magazine and journal articles on all topics. CINAHL is good for journal and magazine articles on medical topics. Ebsco Community College eBook Collectin is good for online books. Click on the name of the database. You'll be asked to log in.

To log in to RTC Library databases, you use your RTC Student email username and password: 

  • Student email username: Your first initial + middle initial (if one exists) + full last name. Example: John J Smith's email is

  • Password: Your default password is your ctcLink number - your student ID number.

4. Search in the database for articles or books on your topic. Email yourself the articles, or print them out, or download them.

5. Read the articles. Highlight the information you want to use in your paper.

6. Outline your paper and write it. (Need someone to help edit your writing? Contact the Writing tutors at the Learning Resources & Career Center.)

7. Create your biblbiography - that list of sources you used that goes at the end of your paper. (Need help with the bibliography? Contact the Library at 

Congratulations! You've finished your paper!