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COVID-19 Vaccine Information at RTC


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RTC Covid19 Policies, Spring Quarter 2022

  • Daily health check form required. 
  • Masks optional, but be respectful.
  • Report any positive cases—this is still required under State guidance.
  • Starting on November 1, 2022, employees will no longer be required to be vaccinated and students will no longer be required to attest  that they are vaccinated.  Visit the COVID page for more details. 
  • More details on RTC's Covid19 Information page. 




3/3/2022 - While the indoor mask order ends on March 11, 2022, Renton Technical College will maintain its indoor mask requirement through the end of the winter quarter

3/2/2022  - The King County indoor mask order ends March 11, 2022.  Read the King County Masking Guidance page for details on places that will still require mask wearing. 

2/11/2022 The FDA postpones a highly anticipated meeting on the Pfizer vaccine for young kids - WFUV (NPR)

2/9/2022 - Free Covid19 tests are available from Washington state at  Details about type of tests, how many will be sent, and how long it will take to get the tests are available on this website.

2/2/2022 - When can babies and kids under age 5 get their shots? Here's the timeline - NPR

1/18/22 - Free Covid19 tests from the federal government are now available from  Details about type of tests, how many will be sent, and how long it will take to get the tests are available on this website. 

1/4/2022 - If everyone is going to get Omicron, what’s the point in avoiding it? Answer: Delaying infections buys time for improved treatments, more vaccinations, and protects health care availability for all. - Dear Pandemic 

12/21/2021 Up Your Mask Game: Omicron is here Hora de revisar su mascara: Omicron ha llegado - Public Health Insider 

12/2/2921 - What's New with Omicron? - from Dear Pandemic

12/2/2021 - Digital Vaccination Verification using WAVerify

11/6/2021 - Everything kids and parents need to know about getting the COVID-19 vaccine: a video in Hmong, Spanish, Somali, Oromo, and English

11/3/2021 -  COVID-19 Vaccine for children 5-11 authorized from Public Health Insider

11/1/2021 - Ask Miss Rona - COVID-19 Booster Shots from Public Health Insider 

11/1/2021  - When can kids under 12 get their shots? Here's the timeline - from NPR News

10/28/2021 -Information on boosters, including boosters for Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, and mixing and matching booster shots - from Dear Pandemic 

10/7/2021 -  FAQ on Vaccines, including Booster Shots - from International Community Health Services.

Top 5 reasons to get vaccinated

  1. The COVID-19 vaccine protects you from getting sick and hospitalized with COVID-19. Remarkably well, in fact!
  2. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine means you will also be less likely to pass COVID-19 to others. Hooray for fully vaxxed hugs!!!
  3. The more people who are vaccinated, the lower the chances are that those who can’t get the vaccine yet, or aren’t as well protected from vaccines, will be exposed to SARS-CoV-2.
  4. While any side effects from the vaccine pass quickly, complications from COVID-19 can last a long time. A worthwhile tradeoff!
  5. High rates of vaccination in our communities, helps keep schools operating, businesses open, and gathering together safe.

from Dear Pandemic

Help! I can't find my Vaccine Card!

Is your Vaccine Card missing?  Here are other ways of getting proof of vaccination:

  • Contact your medical provider and ask for a verified electronic medical record printout.
  • Contact the Washington State Immunization Information System and ask for a printout of your record.
  • Get a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 vaccination card.  One way to get this is to sign up with, which will soon be offering scannable QR codes


For more information, please see this page, Access Your Family's Immunization Information,  from the Washington State Department of Health.

About COVID-19 Vaccines

King County Care Coordination Program 

Care Coordination provides support and resources to those who test positive for COVID 19 so they can stay home and isolate to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Key Things to Know About the COVID Vaccines

from Between Us, About Us 

  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.
  • Side effects are normal signs your body is building protection and usually go away in a few days.  
  • Available to every person 12 and older.
  • Free of charge, whether you have health insurance or not.
  • Available regardless of immigration status. Getting vaccinated will not affect your or your family’s current or future immigration status.


Talking with friends and family: 

Tips for talking with friends or family about getting vaccinated:

Quick facts about COVID-19:

More information about COVID-19 Vaccines

This video describes the approval process for vaccinations, how vaccinations work, and what it means to experience side effects after getting the shots.

Search for Current News on COVID-19 and Vaccines

To use Google to find the very latest news on COVID-19 vaccines, enter search terms and click on the Enter key. Use the tools button on the right side of the menu bar. Another set of options will appear on the right. Us Any Time on the left side of this bar to select a time period. 



RTC Information

Watch this video from the RTC Library on Vaccines and Misinformation and check out the Fake News video series playlist on YouTube for more about digital disinformation. 

Getting Vaccinated in King County