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English Language Acquisition (ELA): Sarah's Favorite Websites

Sarah's Favorite Websites

Below are some of the favorite websites for English study compiled by RTC Basic Studies adjunct faculty member, Sarah Zugschwerdt, in 2017.  At the bottom of this page is a link to a single MS Word document with all of these sites.

General English Study Sites  (super website) (ESL Blues)  (British English) (advanced) (British English) (British English)  (super website) (teacher help site) (teacher help site) (free account required)

List of Sarah's Favorite Websites for English Study (MS Word Doc)

YouTube Channels

Beginning English

  • Harry Kindergarten Music
  • kidsTV123
  • Super Simple Songs
  • ELF Kids Videos
  • ELF Learning


Television-style videos

  • Language Planet Toluca (Side by Side TV)
  • Simple English Videos
  • English Basic Communication (Doug Ables)


Grammar Lessons

  • Anglo-Link
  • Beta College of English
  • Crown Academy of English
  • English Lessons 4U
  • English Today
  • EnglishAnyone
  • EngVid
  • Go Natural English
  • JenniferESL
  • Learn English Conversation
  • Learn English with Steve Ford
  • Learn English Quickly (
  • Let’s Talk
  • Real English
  • Spoken English Lessons
  • Twominute English
  • Vesclass


Conversational English

  • EnglishMeeting


  • TransparentEnglish
  • EFLkidsvideos

Business English

  • Business English Lessons
  • Business English Pod
  • Tesol Rich English


  • Rachel’s English
  • TeacherMelanie
  • Englishforbrazilians