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Music Appreciation: Education and Music

Featured Books

Websites Recommended by Your Instructor

10 Reason You Should Take Up a Musical Instrument - A brief article on the reasons why everyone should learn to play a musical instrument. 

18 Benefits of Playing a Music Instrument - An article from Borrowed Notes (an organization whose goal is to provide children with musical training) on the benefits of musical training.

The El Sistema Music Revolution - An inspiring YouTube video on an award-winning Venezuelan youth music program that has been exported internationally.

How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain - A short TED-Ed video on how music benefits your brain. Think fireworks!

The Importance of a Music Education - A short YouTube video on how music improves all-around brain function. 

Finding Articles, Books and Videos on Music and Education

Finding Magazine and Journal Articles on Education and Music:

The two best RTC database for finding journal and magazine articles on education and music is ProQuest.  Try some of these searches: (You'll have to log in using your RTC student email address and password.) 

Possible ProQuest searches:

You can also try searching for articles in JSTOR. The RTC Library does not carry all of the articles in the JSTOR database; if you find something we do not carry, ask us about Interlibrary Loaning books and articles

Finding eBooks on Music Education:

Try EBSCOhost Community College eBook Collection for eBooks on music and education.

Finding Videos on Music Education:

Kanopy Streaming offer videos on music and health.  (Tip: Kanopy requires that you make a second personal account to use their videos. Need help? Check out this page.)

Big Voice: The Power of Music Education - A high school choir teacher works to weld his students into one big voice. See the "tranformative power of music education" in action.