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Native American Resources: Get Help

Books, videos, podcasts, websites and more about Coast Salish peoples

Find Help from an RTC Librarian

Contacting the RTC Library

If you have questions about this guide, or just need more help, please email, text, chat or call the RTC Library!  See options below:


Email a librarian with a reference question at This is an alternative to chat/IM if you want help specifically from an RTC librarian. This is not an immediate option as emails will be only answered during normal business hours.


Text the Library staff at (425) 336-2764. 

Book a Librarian

Request an appointment with a librarian by using the  Book a Librarian link. During this 30 minute session Librarians will help students with research process of choosing keywords, searching databases and writing APA or MLA citations. 


AskWA Chat service

RTC Librarians are available to help online during the library's virtual service hours, and research assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You may call the Library at (425) 235-2331.  Please note that during COVID19 closures, Library staff are on campus a limited amount.  Please leave a message and your call will be returned when possible. 



Library Research Support

Find More Info

You can always ask a librarian for assistance, but if you want to dig in yourself, the following guides are a good place to start!


The Learning Resource & Career Center (LRCC) provides a free tutoring service via Zoom to help students succeed in their classes. There are tutors available for Math, English, Science (biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology), Accounting, Basic Studies/HS21+, Computer Apps/Science/CNT/BAS, Early Childhood, Engineering Design, Industrial & Structural Engineering, Mechatronics, Medical Assistant, and Nursing.

eTutoring: Free Online Tutoring - Access our FREE 24/7 online eTutoring service to get the help you need from anywhere! E-Tutoring is available during fall/winter/spring quarters only.

 If you have any questions or want more information, call (425) 235-2352 ext. 5721 or email at