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How and when to use OneSearch to find journal articles, books, DVDs and web sites.

When Should You Use OneSearch?

Use OneSearch:

  • When you only have a very short time to spend on your research.
  • When you can use a wide variety of formats.
  • When you want a survey of data on a topic.
  • When "just enough" data is OK.
  • When you are OK with a few hiccups in the process.


Use the RTC Databases Instead:

  • When you have more time to get a better, more focused result.
  • When you need thorough information.
  • When you have a very specific search.
  • When you need to search regional or local issues.
  • When you don't like occasional errors in the process.


(Based on the Pierce College Primo Search LibGuide.)

What Is OneSearch?

OneSearch is "Google for the library". 

With a single search you can find:

  • Books (eBooks or paper books)
  • DVDs
  • Articles from some of the online databases that the library pays for.
  • Free Web Resources

This is a screenshot of OneSearch:

OneSearch screenshot, showing search

Curious? Try it Now:



OneSearch Tips:

  • Everything will search for books and videos in the RTC catalog, free resources on the web, and some RTC databases.  It will NOT find most resources in CINAHL, or Nursing Reference Center.
  • Library Catalog will pull up mostly paper books, ebooks and videos that are listed in the RTC Catalog and held in RTC Library.
  • Articles will pull up magazine, journal and newspaper articles the library carries.
  • OneSearch defaults to resources RTC Library carries. If you want information on materials we don't carry, look for Need More Results?  in the upper right hand corner of the OneSearch results page. Click in the box next to "" and OneSearch will re-do your search to include those materials. (Be patient - it can take a few seconds.)  Contact the library for information about getting materials we don't carry.
  • OneSearch is also known as Primo, so don't be confused if you see Primo mentioned occasionally.


For More Tips

Try this webpage - Welcome to Primo Online Help.  Remember OneSearch is also called Primo.