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OneSearch: Retrieving Fewer Results - or More!

How and when to use OneSearch to find journal articles, books, DVDs and web sites.

The Quick Version

Get fewer results by selecting:

Format: book, journal, and more.







Get more results by:

Clicking on the box next to Includes items RTC doesn't own.


Limiting or Expanding Your Results

OneSearch Usually Gives You More Results Than You Need.

This search pulled up over 85,000 results!


You can limit these by asking OneSearch to show you only books, or only videos, or only articles in English/Spanish/Another language, or only items that were published in the last few years. To limit results use the menus on the left side of the results screen.

To Limit by Date:

You can limit your results by selecting only works published between certain dates. Then click "Refine".

To Limit By Location (in the Library):


You can limit your results by selecting only works in a specific collection, like Fiction or Media, by clicking on that location.

To Limit by Resource Type:

Resource Type menu

You can limit your results to select only magazine or journal articles or newspaper articles or books, or DVDs, etc. by clicking on a resource type.  

To Limit by Author:

Primo Author menu

You can limit your results by selecting only works by an author by clicking on the link with their name.

What If You Want More Results?

OneSearch's default is to show you only items RTC carries.  But you can expand your search and find many more items.  Just look at the top left side of the OneSearch Results page for the box next to "Includes items RTC doesn't own."  Click in that box and OneSearch will re-do the search to include these items. Need an item RTC doesn't carry? Talk to the library about Interlibrary Loan.