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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Culturally Responsive Education: DEI & Culturally Responsive Education

The Purpose of this Research Guide

This guide provides a starting point to finding resources on diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression work at Renton Technical College.

This guide is part of ongoing campus-wide conversations on DEI-related issues, efforts, and education. If you have suggestions or feedback, please send them our way. We hope to build this into a robust and relevant resource for our community.

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Jess Koshi-Lum, Interim Associate Dean of the Library

Thanks and Credit

This guide was created by RTC librarians, with thanks and credit also to the librarians at Simmons College, Green River College, and Highline College.

Diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-oppression

The time is now

"The American community college system is the most egalitarian system of higher education in the world. We accept the top 100% of every high school graduating class, all of them without exception and without apology. We accept learners of all ages at any point in their life. Our colleges are beacons of hope and opportunity. For some, they are the first chance to go to college, and for others, the last and only chance."

from "Why Diversity and Equity Matter: Reflections from a Community College President" see link to the right

Black LIves Matter: A Poem by Nikkita Oliver

Articles on Diversity & Equity in Higher Ed