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PrepSTEP: Skills

Information on how to log in and navigate the PrepSTEP database.

Career Prep

Achieve your job and career goals and get ready for future success.

In this Center, you can explore certain careers, build workplace skills such as resume writing and job interview skills, and use tutorials, flashcards, and practice exams for a variety of careers.  

Learn about a Career

  • Allied Health
  • Caseworker
  • Culinary Arts
  • Federal Careers
  • Green Careers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Legal
  • Nursing
  • Teaching
  • Changing Careers
  • Career Information for Veterans

Build workplace skills

  • Workplace Professionalism
  • Workplace Time Management 
  • Workplace Communication
  • Networking, Job Search, and Interviewing
  • Become a U.S. Citizen
  • Become a Canadian Citizen


  • Prepare for the air traffic controller exam
  • Prepare for Allied Health and Social Worker exams
  • Prepare for Civil Service exams
  • Prepare for Commercial Eriver's licence (CDL) exams
  • Prepare for Cosmetology exams
  • Prepare for Culinary Arts exams
  • Prepare for Electrician and Plumbing exams
  • Prepare for Emergency Medical Services and Firefighting exams
  • Prepare for Law Enforcement exams
  • Prepare for Military exams
  • Prepare for Nursing exams
  • Prepare for Real Estate exams
  • Prepare for Teaching exams
  • Prepare for the WorkKeys® assessments 
  • Prepare for the TOEIC® 

Computer Skills

Interactive video tutorials to master the fundamentals.

Computer Basics

  • Get Started 
  • Use A Computer
  • Computer Safety

Internet Basics 

  • Get Started
  • Use the Internet to Communicate
  • Use Social Media and Web Tools
  • Internet Safety

Microsoft Office Basics

  • Excel Basics
  • Office 365 Basics
  • Outlook Basics
  • Powerpoint Basics
  • Word Basics 

College Success

Tools for navigating campus, your courses, and life.

  • Organizational Strategies 
  • Classroom Success Skills 
  • Information Literacy Skills 
  • Getting Academic Support 
  • Personal Success Skills 
  • Articles and eBooks