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PrepSTEP: Navigation and Tips

Information on how to log in and navigate the PrepSTEP database.


How do I search for resources on this site?
Enter a search term in the “Find Tests, Tutorials, eBooks…” field located in the center of the homepage or in the top right of any page on the site, and click the search icon to execute your search. Search results returned include matches on title and description of the resources found and may be further filtered by resource type (tests, tutorials, eBooks, articles, etc).

Our extensive content is conveniently organized into Centers, which are large groups of related content. You can view all of these centers on the main library landing page, or by using the “Centers” dropdown menu on the top left side of your screen. Simply select one of the Centers to begin exploring. After logging in, you’ll have access to helpful resources and informative guidance pages in the topic areas that best meet your needs.

How do I start a test or tutorial?
Once you’re logged in, navigate to the test or tutorial you want to use and click “Start Test” or “Start Tutorial.” Before you begin any test or tutorial, it's very important to take a few minutes to read the instructions, to be sure you get the most from your experience.


What are test modes?
You can take most tests in one of three modes: Learner, Practice, and Simulation. Learner mode allows you to view the answers to test questions as you go along, to help you study. Practice mode displays the time allotted for that test, but if the timer runs out you are not prevented from completing the test. The timer is only intended to help you pace yourself in preparation for real testing situations. Simulation mode simulates an actual testing environment and is only available for practice tests that are based on official tests. If you select Simulation mode, you will not be able to continue taking a test when the time is up.


Tips for Mobile Access

Mobile System Requirements

  • Chrome (current version) OR
  • Native Android browser

iOS (iPhone/iPad):

  • Safari (current version) OR
  • Chrome (current version)

Viewing Video on Mobile Devices

iOS (iPhone/iPad):

  • Video plays natively

Please note when using the mobile version OR app:

Can a mobile application user access and use resources without a data connection?
Yes. A data connection is required when logging into the application for the first time and to download resources, but once a resource is downloaded, the user can access and use that resource offline without a data connection.

What resources are NOT included in the mobile application?
Tutorials, computer courses, and Job & Career Accelerator tools are not currently available in the mobile application.

Do the practice tests and skill builders in the mobile application have diagnostic scoring?
No, the mobile app does not offer diagnostic scoring. Each completed test in the app reports an overall test score as a percentage, as well as the number of questions the user answered correctly, incorrectly, or skipped.