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Nursing Resources: Mental Health & Culture

Resources for Renton Technical College nursing students.

About this page

This page offers books and weblinks to information on culture and mental health.

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Culture and Mental Health Sources

Journal Articles
You can find journal articles by going to the Renton Technical College Library database page and searching either ProQuest or CINAHL.

  • ProQuest - Do an advanced search with "mental disorders" as a subject, and the name of the country you want as a location.
  • CINAHL - Do an advanced search on "mental health" and the name of the country you want.

WHO Mental Health Atlas - the facts and figures on mental health in the world.

Books and Multimedia
Below are a sampling of Renton Technical College library books on mental health and culture:

Asian psychology. Call Number: 128 MURPHY 1968

Handbook of international psychology. Call Number: 150.9 HANDBOOK 2004i

Handbook of Psychology in India. Call Number: 150.954 HANDBOO 2011p

International perspectives on mental health. Call Number: 155.5 INTERNA 2003p

The African unconscious: Roots of ancient mysticism and modern psychology. Call Number: 155.7 BYNUM 1999.

Asian American psychology: the science of lives in context. Call Number: 155.8495073 ASIAN 2002

Caribbean Psychology: Indigenous Contributions to  a Global Discipline. Call Number: 155.89729 CARIBBE 2016pp

Counseling refugees: a psychosocial approach to innovative multicultural interventions. Call Number: 158.3 BEMAK 2003

Handbook of multicultural counseling. Call Number: 158.3 HANDBO 1995m

A handbook for developing multicultural awareness. Call Number: 158.3 PEDERS 1988

Cross-cultural counseling: the Arab-Palestinian case. Call Number: 158.3089927 DWAIRY 1998

Counseling in an Eritrean context. Call Number: 158.309635 ARAYA 2001

West African psychology. Call Number: 200.19 PARRIND 1951

Medicine in the Qur'an and Sunnah. Call Number: 297.122861 ADAMU 2012

Health and Social Issues of Native American Women. Call Number: 305.48897 HEALTH 2012s

Socialization for achievement: essays on the cultural psychology of the Japanese. Call Number: 305.852 DEVOS 1975

Childhood and cosmos: the social psychology of the Black African child. Call Number: 305.896 ERNY-P 1993.

Death and bereavement across cultures. Call Number: 306.9 DEATH 2015b.

Transcultural health care: A culturally competent approach. Call Number: 362.1042 TRANSCU 2003h.

Cultural diversity in health & illness. (5th ed.)Call Number: 362.10425 SPECTOR 2000

Health related counseling with families of diverse cultures: family, health, and cultural. Call Number: 362.104256 COX-R 2003

Plural medical systems in the Horn of Africa: The legacy of 'Sheikh' Hippocrates. Call Number: 362.109677 SLIKKER 1990

A guide to global mental health practice: Seeing the unseen. Call Number: 362.19689 KATZ-C 2015

Policies and practices for mental health in Europe. Call Number: 362.2 POLICIE 2008m

Social psychiatry in India: A treatise on the mentally ill. Call Number: 362.2042 MOHAN 1973

Mental health services for minority ethnic children and adolescents. Call Number: 362.208309 MENTAL 2004h

Ethnic issues in adolescent mental health. Call Number: 362.20835 ETHNIC 1990i

Ethnic minority elderly: a task force report of the American Psychiatric Association. Call Number: 362.208693 AMERICA 1994

Medicalizing ethnicity: The construction of Latino identity in a psychiatric setting. Call Number: 362.208968 SANTIAG 2001.

Asian Americans: Personality patterns, identity, and mental health. Call Number: 362.208995 UBA-L 2003

Healing traditions: The mental health of aboriginal people in Canada. Call Number: 362.208997 HEALING 2009t

Mental health policy and practice across Europe. Call Number: 362.2094 MENTAL 2007h

Mental health in Africa and the Americas today : a book of conference proceedings. Call Number: 362.2096 MENTAL 1991h

Suicide in Asia and the Near East. Call Number: 362.28 SUICIDE 1983a

Alcoholism in North America, Europe, and Asia. Call Number: 362.2922 ALCOHOL 1992i

Gender dimensions of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems in Latin America and the Caribbean. Call Number: 362.2922098 PYNE-H 2002

Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care. Call Number: 610.73 TRANSCU 2016c.

A global agenda for caring. Call Number: 610.7301 GLOBAL 1993a

Caribbean healing traditions: Call Number: 610.9729 CARIBBE 2014

Diagnosis in a multicultural context: A casebook for mental health professionals. Call Number: 616.089075 PANIAGU 2001

Depression in Japan. Call Number: 616.8527 KITANAK 2012

Bodies under siege: self-mutilation and body modification in culture and psychiatry. Call Number: 616.8582 FAVAZZA 1996

The culture of emotions [DVD]. Call Number: MEDIA 616.89 CULTURE  2005e

Ethics, culture, and psychiatry: international perspectives. Call Number: 616.89 ETHICS 2000

Mental health, race, and culture. (2nd ed.) Call Number: 616.89 FERNARD 2002

Handbook of culture and mental illness: An international perspective. Call Number: 616.89 HANDBOO 1995c

Pathologies of the West: An anthropology of mental illness in Europe and America. Call Number: 616.89 LITTLEW 2002

Mental health research in Asia and the Pacific. Call Number: 616.89 MENTAL 1969m

Social psychiatry across cultures. Call Number: 616.89 SOCIAL 1995p

African American children and mental Health: Development and Context. Call Number: 616.89008 AFRICAN 2011c v.1

Asian American and Pacific Islander children and mental health. Call Number: 616.890089 ASIAN 2011p. 2 volumes.

Latina and Latino children's mental health. Call Number: 616.890089 LATINA 2011c. 2 volumes.

Readings in ethnic psychology. Call Number: 616.890089 READING 1998i

Colonial madness: Psychiatry in French North Africa. Call Number: 616.8900961 KELLER 2007

Of spirits and madness: An American psychiatrist in Africa. Call Number: 616.8900968 LINDE 2002

Soviet medicine in the fight against mental diseases. Call Number: 616.890947 ROKHLIN 2002

Asian culture and psychotherapy: Implications for East and West Honolulu. Call Number: 616.8914009 ASIAN 2005

Family therapy with ethnic minorities. Call Number: 616.89156 HO-MAN 1987

Counseling across cultures. (5th ed.) Call Number: 616.8914 COUNSEL 2002

International perspectives on children and mental health. (Volumes 1-2.) Call Number: 618.9289 INTERNA 2011p

Transcultural child development: psychological assessment and treatment Call Number: 618.9289 TRANSC 1997c