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Streaming Media, DVDs and Videos at RTC Library: Interpersonal Skills

Explore RTC Library's media collection. Find resources to teach interpersonal and occupational skills.

A few DVDs/Videos on Interpersonal Skills

 Being Positive in the Workplace





Manners Boot Camp: Professional Courtesy. Why are manners important? Includes job interview etiquette, business phone etiquette, and email basics. 18 Minutes. Find it: Media 395 MANNERS 2015b

Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions. Common sources of conflict in the workplace, and how to resolve those conflicts. 17 minutes. Find it: Media 658.3145 CONFLICT 2010w  

Being Positive in the Workplace: Good Attitudes are Contagious. How to maintain a positive attitude in a sometimes negative workplace. Dealing with disappointment, disagreeing tactfully, and more. 20 minutes.  Find it: Media 658.314 BEING 2004

The Art of Listening. How to be an active listener,  the art of "listening between the words" to hear what the speaker means, the "surprising value of silence" and much more. 25 minutes. Closed captioned. Find it: Media 153.68 ART-OF 2007L

Get Going on Your Job.  One of the most important things a new employee does is build relationships with their boss and co-workers.  How to start a new job right. 28 minutes.Closed captioned.  Find it: Media 650.14 GET-G 2006o.

The Arts of Criticism: Giving and Taking. Videotape. How to offer successful criticism.  How to keep your emotions under control when receiving criticism. And much more. 22 minutes. Find it: Media 158.2 ARTS-CR 1996

Manners at Work. Includes basic cubicle etiquette, how to make introductions, etiquette for visiting other offices, cell phone, voice mail and email etiquette and more. 20 minutes. Closed captioned. Find it: Media 395.52 MANNERS 2006a.

Generational Diversity.  Today's workplace contains many generations.  This DVD looks at the advantages of a multi-generational workforce, and the issues that arise when different generations require different incentives and management styles. 8 minutes. Closed captioned. Find it: Media 658.30084 GENERA 2009d v.4

First Impressions: Etiquette and Work Habits for New Employees.  We typically size up new coworkers in 10 seconds.  Learn how to give a good impression on your new job. 22 minutes. Closed captioned. Find it:  Media 395.52 FIRST 2005i.

The Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace. Videotape. Do your coworkers resist change, spread gossip, or say "it's not my job"? They may have the attitude virus.   21 minutes. Find it: Desk 658.314 ATTITUD 1997v.

Workplace Bullying Made Simple: Bullying Prevention for the Workplace. Bullying hurts productivity, creativity and morale. This short DVD discusses bullying and prevention. DVD 6 minutes.  Find it: Media 658.3145 TRAINING 2011 

Soft Skills in the Workplace.  Skills such as punctuality, enthusiasm and the ability to work effectively with a team will make it much easier to succeed in any new job. 25 minutes. Closed captioned.  Find it: Media 650.1 SOFT 2008w.