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Streaming Media, DVDs and Videos at RTC Library: Diversity

Explore RTC Library's media collection. Find resources to teach interpersonal and occupational skills.

DVDs and Videos







Diversity and Inclusion: A Step-by-Step Guide for Employees. Steps supervisors can take to encourage inclusion and build morale. 18 minutes. Find it: Media 658.3008 DIVERSI 2016a V0139   

I'm Normal, You're Weird! Understanding Other Cultures.  Now in DVD. The way we do things, like waiting in line, arriving for appointments, looking at other people, our concept of honesty,  is determined by our culture.  23 minutes. Find it: Media 303.482 I'M-NOR 1998y.

Overcoming Prejudice. 32 minutes. Discusses prejudice and how to resist it in your thinking. Find it: Media 303.69 OVERCOM 2011p   

Them and Us: Prejudice and Self-Understanding. 22 minutes.  Common thinking habits and how they can lead to bias. Find it: Media 303.385 THEM-US 2007 

Everybody's Ethnic: Your Invisible Culture. Now in DVD.  More on how our culture affects what we expect from others. 21 minutes. Closed captioned.  Find it: Media 305.8 EVERYBO 2001e.

Food: A Multicultural Feast. Crickets are a tasty snack in some cultures.  Oats are considered cattle food - not people food -  in others. Our culture decides what we consider good to eat. 24 minutes. Find it: Media 394.1 FOOD-A 1998m.

How the World Dresses: Clothing and Global Culture. What you wear on your head, what you consider modest or fashionable, depends on your culture. See what the rest of the world wears.  22 minutes. Closed captioned.  Find it: Media 391 HOW-THE 2005w.

Ouch! Your Silence Hurts! - A companion DVD to Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts!  This DVD makes the point that ignoring a stereotype can do almost as much damage as voicing it. 10 minutes. Closed captioned.  Find it:   Desk 658.3008 OUCH 2009t.

Cross-Cultural Communication: How Culture Affects Communication.  Different cultures have different views of what is taboo, power relationships, time, directness, and much more.  This video discusses the most common areas of cultural difference.  15 minutes. Find it: Media 302.2 CROSS-C 2005.

The Complete Blue Eyed -  Describes a classic experiment where a class was divided by eye color.  Brown-eyes meant smart and competent, blue-eyes meant slow and dumb.  The blue-eyed children lost confidence and competence. This experiment is still useful in teaching about the effects of prejudice on behavior and learning.  Trainer's guide. Find it: Media 302.14 COMPLET 1996b.