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Streaming Media, DVDs and Videos at RTC Library: Safety

Explore RTC Library's media collection. Find resources to teach interpersonal and occupational skills.

Safety DVDs


These are just a few of the safety DVDs the library carries. Ask us if we have DVD safety training specific to your program. 

Respiratory Protection and Safety. 21 minutes. Why respirators are important, how to obtain a safe fit, and other safety procedures. Find it: Media 363.11 RESPIRA 2017p V0120  

Fall Protection. 21 minutes. "Basics of fall protection, creating a fall protection plan; using personal fall arrest systems ; inspecting equipment; and more  Find it: Media 363.11969 FALL-PR 2016

Computer Workstation Safety. Setting up your computer workstation to avoid stress and injury. 14 minutes. Find it: Media 620.82 COMPUTE 2015w V0119 

OSHA Top 10 Violations. The same types of injuries and accidents occur in workplaces over and over. This DVD shows the top 10, and how to avoid them. In English and Spanish. 27 minutes. Find it: Media 363.110973 OSHA-T 2015v.

Evacuation Procedures. Train your students or employees to evacuate in a safe and orderly fashion. 18 minutes. Find it: Media 363.11 EVACUAT 2015p

Distracted Driving. Texting, eating, talking on the phone - they can kill you. Don't drive distracted. 17 minutes. Find it: Media 363.125 DISTRAC 2014.

HAZMAT: What You Need to Know. Work safely around chemicals. 15 minutes. Closed captioned. Find it: Media 363.17 HAZMAT 2014.

Hazard Communication Safety Data Sheets. Includes the 2012 changes to OSHA's Hazard Communications Standard to harmonize with GHS. 12 minutes. Find it: Media 604.7 HAZARD 2012c.

General Shop Safety.  Offers safety training aimed at workers on manufacturing and industrial sites, including fire safety, tool and electrical equipment safety and more. 21 minutes. Closed captioned. Find it: Media 363.11 GENERAL 2011s.

I Can't Get No Traction. A music video on how to avoid slips, trips, and falls. 4 minutes. Find it: Media 363.11 I-CANT 2012g.

Jobsite Safety.  Covers safety issues on the construction site, including protective gear, mobile equipment, and ladder and scaffolding safety. 21 minutes. Closed captioned. Find it: Media 363.11969 JOBSITE 2008s.

Office Safety: It's Not Magic.  Avoid falls, use proper lifting techniques, practice good housekeeping and know your fire extinguishers, and more on office safety. 14 minutes.  Find it: Media 363.11 OFFICE 2007s.

Proper Lifting Techniques: Keeping Your Workplace Safe.  This DVD covers general lifting techniques plus lifting awkward or oversized objects.  Find it: Media 363.11 PROPER 2009L.

Safety Orientation for Healthcare. Slips, trips, and falls, fire safety, handling medical wastes, bloodborne pathogens and more. Includes companion CD with Leader's Guide and PowerPoint. 16 minutes. Closed captioned. Find it: Media 363.15 SAFETY 2009o.

To the Point: Preventing Hearing Loss.  How hearing can be damaged, and how to prevent it.  Find it: Media 363.11 TO-THE 2014h.