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Library Resources and Services for Faculty: Canvas Assignments

Canvas Assignments

Library faculty can create and co-create Canvas modules on research or how to use quality library resources for your class. Our current Canvas module collection covers topics like:

  • Basic library orientation for College Success
  • How to use library databases to find articles
  • MLA: avoiding plagiarism and citations

Library faculty can work with you to customize Canvas modules for your class. For more information, contact Jessica Koshi-Lum at

How to Find the Library's Canvas Modules Collection:

 You can access Canvas modules collection on our Canvas Commons page. Search for "Renton Technical College Library" and this will pull up our Canvas modules collection that you can import in your class.

How to Import Canvas Modules into Your Class:

  1. Upon finding a Canvas module that you like, click on the link for the module and then click on the blue button that says "Import/Download." 
    Canvas module import download button
  2. A box will open up asking you to select a class you'd like to import your Canvas module into. Select your class and click on the blue button that says "Import into Course." The import process will take a few moments before the module appears in your Canvas shell. 

    Canvas module import and download page