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Library Resources and Services for Faculty: Library Instruction & Information Literacy

Library Instruction

Library faculty are committed to providing quality, up-to-date information literacy instruction. We provide hands-on introductions to research strategies and tools including how to use library services, the library catalog, reference works, databases, and search engines. Some instructors prefer a walking tour, while others prefer a specific focus. We always tailor instruction to your needs. Our library classroom (C204) is equipped with a teaching workstation and 24 student computers. Librarians can also make presentations in classrooms around campus and co-teach with you online via Canvas.


To schedule a session, please contact Jessica Koshi-Lum at In addition, please...

  • Let us know your preferred date and time.
  • Send us a description of the research-related class assignment/s at least one week in advance.

With your cooperation, library faculty are able to incorporate your course learning objectives into their instruction and design a unique session that is immediately relevant to students’ research needs. Take a look at our list of sample library workshops and orientations for inspiration.

Faculty Attendance & Participation

When you attend and participate:

  • Students benefit from the combined knowledge of the librarian and the faculty member.
  • You can provide definitive answers to questions about assignment requirements.
  • The value of the library and scholarly research are reinforced.
  • You can keep abreast of what your students are learning.

With the exception of tours and orientations, we expect our instructors to attend workshops with their class unless specific arrangements have been made with a librarian.

Information Literacy Assignments

Research assignments can be designed to encourage students to actively seek information, retrieve it successfully, assess it critically, and apply it in thought-provoking ways. If you don't have an assignment, library faculty are happy to work with you to design one. Or, consider the information literacy assignment sites below.   

Canvas Assignments

Teach online or would like your students to learn how to find library materials through Canvas? We've got you covered! Click here for instructions on how to find and import our Library's Canvas modules into your class.

Information Literacy Rubric

Need help guiding your students toward credible information? We've created a rubric for you to use to help guide students toward being able to select, evaluate, and cite quality resources for their projects. Click on the document below in order to download.