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Dental Assisting: Business Administration and Communications

Library and web resources for your dental assisting coursework.


This is a list of resources held in the Dental classrooms, compiled by the instructors.  To view these books, please contact Connie Berrysmith.


  • A Primer on Dental Practice Management; Leslie E. Gaskins
  • Administrative Dental Assistant; Linda J. Gaylor, RDA
  • Administrative Dental Assistant - Student Workbook; Linda J. Gaylor, RDA
  • The Allied Health Professional and the Patient: Techniques of Writing Basics for the Healthcare Professional; Michele Benjamin Lesmeister; Pearson, Prentice Hall; 2007
  • Effective Interaction; Ruth Purtilo
  • Business Administration for the Dental Assistant, 2nd Edition; Ann Ehrlich
  • Business communication at Work; Marilyn satterwhite and Judith Olson-Sutton, Ph.D.  
  • Clerical Record Keeping,  2nd Edition; Harold Daron, Soloman C. Steinfeld
  • The Complete Dental Marketing Handbook; Jim Rhode
  • Computers for the Dental Office; John S. Sobolewski
  • Control Appointment Scheduling; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Dental Assisting Course II: Secretarial Procedures; Helen P. Stewart, Eleanor A. Forbes
  • The Dental Clinics of North America  Computer Applications in Dentistry; W. B. Saunders Co.
  • The Dental Letter Book:  Communiqués From the Dental Office; Alison Brahe, Neil Brahe
  • Dental Office Management; Ellen Dietz; Delmar/Cengage; 2000
  • Dental Practice Management:  The Teamwork Approach; Ann Ehrlich, Stanley Ehrlich
  • Dental Office Admininstration; Geraldine Irlbacher-Girtel, Guy S.Girtel; Lippincott; 2012
  • Dental Office Procedures; Maura Apfel, Trudy and Arlene Weaver
  • Dental Office Procedures Manual,  2nd Edition; Ann Ehrlich
  • Ethics, Jurisprudence, & Practice Management in Dental Hygiene, 3rd Edition; Vickie J. Kimbrough-Walls; 2012
  • Guide to Dental Front Office Administration; Honors Certification Book; Pearson; 2009
  • Handbook of Dental Letters; ADAA
  • HIPAA A Short and Long-Term Perspective for Health Care, Michael Doscher, MS
  • How 6: A Handbook for Office Workers; James and Lyn Clark
  • How to Hire and Fire...Legally; Cynthia and Thomas Coad
  • Letter Writing For the Dental Office; Jeanne Collins
  • Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters; Harold E. Meyer
  • Marketing/Public Relations: Letters for the Dental Practice; Neil B. Brahe, Jese W. Prater
  • Office Procedures for the Dental Team; Betty A. Ladley, Jerry Crowe Patt
  • Patient Management: Skills for Dental Assistants and Hygienists; Barbara D. Ingersoll 
  • Personalized Guide to Establishing Associateships and Partnerships; Larry R. Donner, Jeffrey C. Baurer
  • Practice Management for the Dental Team; Betty Ladley Finkbeiner, Charles Allan Finkbeiner
  • Professionalism, Legal Considerations and Office Management; The University of N.C. at Chapel Hill
  • Secretarial Dental Assistant; Mary Ann Douglas
  • Selecting, Hiring and Training of Dental Auxiliaries; Edward J. Green, Nathan Konh Jr.
  • Treating Fearful Dental Patients; Tracey Getz, Peter Milgram, Philip Weinstein, Ronald Kleinknecht
  • Understanding Dental Caries  Prevention: Basic and Clinical Applications in Dentistry; Gordon Nikiforuk
  • Writing Competency Practice; Anrea Levinson, Barbara Martorana


  • Communicate With Confidence; Dianna Booher
  • Communicating,  6th edition; Anita Taylor, Teresa Rasegrant, Arthor C. Meyers, B. Thomas Samples
  • Communication: Some Interaction; JoAnne Surien
  • Communication Works!; Alex Whitman, Kathy Demarest 
  • Communications for Dental Auxiliaries; Cheryl B. Wiles, William J. Ryan
  • Communications, Psychology, Nutrition and Preventive Dentistry; Mary C. George, Eleanor Forbes, Cliften Crandell
  • Content of Our Character; Shelby Steele
  • Crucial Confrontations: Kerry Paterson: McGraw Hill; 2005
  • Dental Communication; David W. Chambers, Ronald G. Abrams
  • Dental Terminology ADAA
  • Foundation for Medical Communications; Esther Caldwell, Barbara Hegner
  • Health Communications; Peter G. Northhouse, Laurel L. Northhouse
  • Illustrated Dental Terminology; Jonh H. Manhold, Michael P. Balbo
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills for Health Professionals; Cynthia H. Adams and Peter D. Jones 
  • It's All in Your Head; Marilyn Grey, Betty Bender
  • Learning Medical Terminology; Miriam G. Austrin, Harvey R. Austrin
  • Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide; Barbara Janson Cohen
  • Medical Terminology The Language of Health Care;Marjorie Canfield Willis 
  • People of Washington: Perspectives on Cultural Diversity; Sid White, S. E. Solberg
  • Quick and Easy Medical Terminology; Peggy C. Leonard
  • Sweaty Palms: The Neglected Art of Being Interviewed; H. Anthony Medley