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Dental Assisting: Specialties, Preventive Dentistry and Nutrition, and Pre Clinical/Clinical

Library and web resources for your dental assisting coursework.


This is a list of resources held in the Dental classrooms, compiled by the instructors. To view these books, please contact Connie Berrysmith.


  • Clinical Review of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Shahrokh Bagheri; Elsevier; 2008
  • Dental Laboratory Technology: Basic Sciences; Department of the Air Force
  • Dental Laboratory Technology: Fixed and Special Prosthodontics and Orthodontic Appliances; Department of the Air Force
  • Dental Laboratory Technology: Removable Prosthodontics; Department of the Air Force
  • Dentistry for the Child and Adolescent; Dean, Avery, McDonald; Evolve; Mosby Elsevier; 2011
  • Foundations of Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist; Jill S. Nield-Gehrig, Donald E. Willman 
  • Instrument Transfer: Oral Surgery; Division of Research in Medical Education
  • Oral Hygiene; Russel Bunting
  • Periodontal Instrumentation; Anna Matsuishi Pattison, Gordan L. Pattison
  • Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist; Dan Allen, Walter McFall, Joyce Jenzano
  • The Periodontic Syllabus; Peter F. Fedi, Jr., Arthur R. Vernino, John L. Gray
  • Periodontal Instrumentation for the Practitioner; Jill s. Nield-Gehrig
  • Comprehensive Periodontics; Weinberg; Pearson; 2010
  • Problem Solving in Endodontics; James Gutmann; 5th edition; Elsevier; 2011


  • A Guide to the Practice of Preventive Dentistry; G.G. Craig, G.R. Dunn
  • A Textbook of Preventive Dentistry; Robert C. Caldwell, Richard E. Stallard
  • Cavity Preparation for Operative Dentistry Technique; Gerald D. Stibbs
  • Communication, Psychology, Nutrition and Preventive Dentistry; Mary C. George, Eleanor A. Forbes, Clifton E. Crandell
  • Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health; Palmer; Pearson; 2007
  • Dental Hygienist's Guide to Nutritional Care;  3rd edition; Stegeman Davis: Evolve/Saunders; 2010
  • Educating the Patient in Prevention of Dental Diseases; Lous P. DiOriio, Kenneth O. Madsen
  • Foods, Nutrition and Dental Health, Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 5; John Heffereny, Henry Koehler
  • How Drugs Work: Drug Abuse and the Human Body; Gesina L. Longenecker
  • Nutrition; A Syllabus for the Dental Auxiliary; J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
  • Nutrition and Dental Health; Ann Ehrlich
  • Nutrition and Diet Therapy; Sue Williams
  • Nutrition in Clinical Dentistry; Abraham Nizel, Athena Papas
  • Passwords in Preventive Dentistry; Jack L. Anderson
  • Practice Management in Preventive Dentistry; A. Gary Dingerson, Marilyn R. Dingerson
  • Primary Preventive Dentistry; Harris, Godoy, Nathe; Pearson; 2009
  • Programmed Nutrition; Helen Guthrie, Karen Braddock
  • The Wellness encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition; Sheldon Margen
  • Dental Hygienist’s Guide to Nutritional Care; Cynthia Stegeman; Evolve Learning System; 2010
  • Nutrition for a Healthy Mouth; Rebecca Sroda; Lippincott; 2010


  • A Textbook For Dental Assisting; Virginia Park, Joseph Ashman, George Shelly
  • The Art and Science of Operative Dentistry; Clifford M. Sturdevant, Theodore M. Roberson, Harald O. Heymann, John R. Sturdevant
  • Clinical Chairside Assisting; The University of N.C. at Chapel Hill
  • Clinical Dental Assisting; William Simion
  • Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, 4th and 5th editons; Eter M. Wilkins
  • Collections Made Easy; Michael J. Berry
  • Complete Review of Dental Assisting; Emily Andujo
  • Controlling the Operating Field by Use of the Rubber Dam; School of Dentistry, State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Delmar’s Dental Assisting ‘A Comprehensive Approach’; Donna J. Phinney, Judy H. Halstead
  • Dental Assisting Basics and Dental Sciences; Christin A. Leimane, Ethan M. Earl
  • Dental Dam Procedures; The Hygenic Corporation
  • Dental Instruments; Melanie Mitchell
  • Effective Dental Assisting; Shirley Schwarzrock, James Jensen
  • Essentials of Clinical Dental Assisting; Joseph E. Chasten
  • Four-Handed Dentistry; Betty Ladley Finkbeiner
  • Four-Handed Dentistry in Clinical Practice; Joseph E. Chasten
  • Four-Handed Dentistry For Dentists and Assistants; Edward Wolfson
  • Functional Dental Assisting; Harold Kilpatrick
  • Physical Evaluation of the Dental Patient; Halstead, Blozis, Driman, Gier
  • Relative Analgesia in Dental Practice; Harry Lunga
  • The Dental Assistant; Pauline C. Anderson, Martha R. Burkard
  • Tooth Carving Manual; Henry A. Linck
  • Yearbook of Dentistry; Practicing Health Care Professionals in Many Spheres of Interest 
  • Dental Instruments, A Pocket Guide to Identification; Melanie Mitchell; 2003