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Dental Assisting: Miscellaneous Dental Classroom Library Resources

Library and web resources for your dental assisting coursework.


This is a list of resources held in the Dental classrooms, compiled by the instructors. To view these books, please contact Connie Berrysmith.


  • Breakthroughs in Mathematics and Problem Solving Skills; Robert Mitchell
  • Critical Thinking With Math; Karen Scott Digilio
  • Decimals, Fractions and Percentages; Merele Wood, Jeanette Powell
  • Math for the Health Care Worker; Michael Chatiner
  • Math Skills that Work; Robert Mitchell
  • Sound Foundations: A practical Mathematics Simulation; Robert K. Gerver, Richard J. Sgrai
  • Vocational Mathematics, 4th Edition; James L. Southam, Cynthia Nahrgang
  • Math and Dosage Calculations for Health Care; Kathryn Booth; McGraw-Hill; 2010
  • Basic Math Review for Nurses; Vicki Raines; Davis; 2010 


  • Knock 'Em Dead 1998; Martin Yate
  • Career Development for Health Professionals; Lee Haroun


  • "Ace" Any Test; Ron Fry
  • Abstracts and Bibliography on Oral Irrigation; Aqua Tec, A Teledyn Co.
  • Basic Technologies for the Medical Laboratory; Jean Jorgenson Linné, Karen Manson Ringsrud
  • Color Atlas of Common Oral Diseases, 3rd edition; Robert P. Langlais & Craig S. Miller
  • Comprehensive Review for Dental Hygienists; Sheiler Peterson
  • Dental Hygiene Care; Woodall, Dafoe, Young, Weed-Fonner, Yankell
  • Management of Stress in the Dental Practitioner; Arden G. Christen, James L. McDonald Jr.
  • Medical Terminology Essentials; Nina Thierer and Lisa Breitbard
  • Review of Dental Hygiene Questions and Answers, 3rd Edition; Pauline F. Steele
  • Stress Management for the Dental Team; William Hollister, James George, Marvin Block, Charles Milone
  • Test-Taking Skills in Dentistry; Randolph E. Sarnacki
  • The Dentist, His Practice and the Community; Wesley Young, David Striffler
  • Tire for College; Al Siebert, Bernadine Gilpin
  • Foundations of Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist; Jill S. Nield-Gehrig and Donald E. Willmann
  • The OSHA Answer Book; Mark Moran
  • Dental Office Medical Emergencies; Timothy F. Meiller
  • Practice Management for the Dental Team; Betty Ladley Finkbeiner, Charles Allan Finkbeiner
  • Stedman’s Medical Dictionary; Stedman;  2007


  • eLibrary - RTC Library database with education materials -
  • Big Book of Leadership Games; Vasudha K. Deming; McGraw-Hill;2004
  • Crucial Conversations; Patterson; McGraw Hill; 2002
  • Lesson Planning Handbook; Peter Brunn; Scholastic;2010
  • Motivating Students to Learn; Jere Brophy; Routledge; 2010


  • Anatomy of the Head and Dental Radiographs; School of oral health care
  • Dental Anatomy Series: Dentition; Watson Enterprises
  • Dental Materials Series: Waxes; Watson Enterprises
  • Dental Instrument Series: Handpieces & Rotary Instruments; Watson Enterprises
  • Introduction TO Dental Assisting;  ADA
  • Implant Replacement; Gordon Christensen
  • Cerec for Your Practice; Gordon Christensen