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Dental Assisting: Dental Materials, Radiology, and Expanded Functions

Library and web resources for your dental assisting coursework.


This is a list of resources held in the Dental classrooms, compiled by the instructors.  To view these books, please contact Connie Berrysmith.


  • Craig’s Restorative Dental Materials; 13th edition; Ronald Sakaguchi; 2012
  • Dental Instruments (A pocket guide); Linda R. Bartolomucci Boyd
  • Dental Materials; Hatrick, Eakle, Bird
  • Dental Materials Laboratory Manual; D.J. Eaton
  • Dental Materials: Properties and Manipulation, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th editions; Robert G. Craig, William J. O'Brian
  • Drug Consult for Health Professions; Mosby Elsevier
  • Clinical Aspects of Dental Materials; Marcia Gladwin, Michael Bagby
  • Elements of Dental Materials; Ralph W. Phillips
  • Elements of Dental Materials for Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants; Ralph W. Philips, B. Keith Moore
  • Examine Dentition II; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Instructors Resource Guide; Dental Instruments; A Pocket Guide; Total Care Programming
  • Manipulating Cements, Bases, Cavity Liners and Varnishes; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Manipulating Impression Materials; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Manipulating Restorative Materials; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Materials in Dentistry: Principles and Applications; Jack L. Ferracane
  • Materials in Dentistry: (Principles and Applications), 2nd edition; Jack L. Ferrancane
  • Operative Dentistry Procedures for Dental Auxiliaries; Eric E. Spohn, Wendy A. Halowski, Thomas G. Berry
  • Oral Inspection I; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Outline of Dental Materials and their Selection; William J. O'Brian, Gunnar Ryse
  • Phillips Science of Dental Materials. 12th ed. Elsevier. Anusavice, Shen, and Rawls. 2013
  • Place Cements, Bases, Cavity Liners and Varnishes; Office of Research in Medical Education
  • Science of Dental Materials; Robert L. Taylor
  • Study Guide for the Elements of Dental Materials; Elenaor Weingartt
  • Using Dental Materials; Eleanor D. Vanable, Laurence R.LoPresti
  • Workbook for Dental Materials; Robert G. Craig, John M. Powers



  • An Atlas of Dental Radiographic Anatomy; Myron J. Kasle;  1977, 1989, 1994
  • Dental Radiology; O’Brien
  • Dental Radiology; Pauline C. Anderson
  • Dental Radiography: An Introduction for Dental Hygienists and Assistants,  1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Editions, Richard C. O'Brian
  • Dental Radiography-Instructors Manual; Grace E. Brown, Richard L. Renne, Kenneth L. Bontrager
  • Dental Radiography-Student Workbook Set; Grace E. Brown, Richard L. Renne, Kenneth L. Bontrager
  • Dental Radiography Principles and Techniques, 3rd edition; Joen Lannucci Haring, Laura Jansen Lind; Evolve/Saunders; 2006
  • Dental Radiography Laboratory Manual; Sandra Slack Olson
  • Dental Radiology, Teachers Manual; Arthur H. Wuehrmann, David F. Greer
  • Dentistry, Dental Practice and the Community; Brian A. Burt, Stephen A. Euklund
  • Essentials of Dental Radiography for Dental Assistants and Hygienists  1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th (2007) and 9th (2012) editions; Wolf R. de Lyre, Orlen N. Johnson, Evelyn Thomson.
  • Essentials of Dental Radiography for Dental Assistants and Hygienists  Workbook; Wolf R. de Lyre
  • Exposure and Processing for Dental Radiography; Eastman Kodak Company
  • Fundamentals of Dental Radiography; Lincoln R. Manson-Hing
  • Intra-Oral Radiographic Interpretation  Volume 1, 2nd Edition; Robert P. Langlais, Myron J. Kasle
  • Intra-Oral Radiography With Rinn XCP-BAI Instruments; Rinn Corporation
  • Exercises in Oral Radiography Techniques; Evelyn M. Thomson-Lakey, BSDH, MS
  • New Horizons in Periapical and Interproximal Radiography; William J. Updegrave
  • Normal Radiographic Landmarks; Dental Auxiliary Education Project
  • Oral Radiology Principles and Interpretation; Stuart C. White, Michael J Pharoah
  • Principles of Dental Imaging; Langland; Lippincott; 2002
  • Radiation Protection in the Radiologic and Health Sciences; Marilyn E. Noz, Gerald Q. Maguire Jr.
  • Radiation Protection for Dental Radiographs; Cris Edwards, M.A. Statkieweiz-Sherer, E. Russel Ritenoun
  • Radiation Safety; Practicing Health Care Professionals in Many Spheres of Interest
  • Radiographic Imaging for Dental Auxiliaries, 1st and 2nd editions; Miles, CanDis, Jensen, Ferretti
  • Radiographic Imaging for the Dental Team; Sally M. Maurielle, Vickie P. Overman, Enrique Platin
  • Radiographic Science for Technologists, 4th edition; Steward C. Bushong
  • Radiology for Dental Auxiliaries;  2nd and 3rd editions; Herbert H. Framer
  • Radiology for the Dental Professional, 8th edition; Former Stabulas – Saveage
  • Textbook of Operative Dentistry, 2nd edition; Lloyd Baum, Ralph W. Philips, Melvin R. Lund
  • The Fundamentals of Radiology; Eastman Kodak Company
  • Utilization of the Extension Cone Paralleling, Bisecting Angle and Interproximal Techniques with Rinn Instruments; Rinn Corporation
  • X-rays in Dentistry; Eastman Kodak Company



  • Coronal Polish; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Coronal Polish: Revised Edition; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Custom Trays, Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Dam-It, It's Easy!; Mary R. Costello
  • Dental Handpieces; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Instrument Transfer; Restorative; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Maintain Equipment and Operatory; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Maintain Sterilization and Laboratory Equipment; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Oral Inspection I; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Oral Inspection II; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Pit and Fissure Sealants; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Polish Restorations; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Prepare Dental Laboratory Cases; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Rubber Dam; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Take Study Model Impressions; Dental Auxiliary Education
  • Trim and Finish Models; Dental Auxiliary Education 


  • Cavity Preparation for Operative Dentistry Technique; Gerald D. Stibbs