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Dental Assisting: Reference Titles

Library and web resources for your dental assisting coursework.


This is a list of resources held in the Dental classrooms, compiled by the instructors.  To view these books, please contact Connie Berrysmith.


  • 147 practical tips for Teaching; Robert Magna
  • The American Heritage College Dictionary; Houghton Mifflin Company
  • The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 3rd edition, Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Atlas of Diseases of the Oral Mucosa, 5th edition; J.J Pindborg
  • Basic Pharmacology, 4th edition; Henry Hitner-Barbara Nagle
  • Boucher's Clinical Dental Terminology; Thomas J. Zwemer
  • Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist, 8th edition; Esther M. Wilkins
  • Dental Assistant: 775 Questions and Answers; Emily Audujo
  • Dental Assistant-Prep: Program Review and Exam Preparation; Emily Andujo
  • Dental Drug Reference, 7th edition; Gage, Pickett
  • Dental Health Education-Lesson Planning and Implementation; Lori Gagliardi
  • Dental Hygiene Handbook Williams & Wilkins'; Kathleen H. Alvarez,R.D.H., B.S.
  • Dental Practice Management Encyclopedia; Carl Michael Caplan
  • Dental Radiographic Diagnosis, 2nd edition; Kavas H. Thunthy, D.D.S., M.S., M.Ed.
  • Dentists Desk References: Materials, Instruments and Equipment; ADA
  • Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary; W. B. Saunders Company
  • Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health; Miller-Keane
  • Ethics of Healthcare-A Guide for Clinical Practice; Raymond S. Edge and John Randall Groves
  • The Gregg Reference Manual; William A. Sabin
  • Handbook of Clinical Dental Assisting; Schuster/Wetterhus/Dryden
  • Law and Ethics for Medical Careers, 2nd edition; Karen Judson-Sharon Hicks
  • Linda Miles Practice Dynamics; Linda L. Miles
  • The Little Pearls of Wisdom Book-For the Successful Dental Team; Henry Robinson, D.D.S.
  • Malpractice-What They Don't Teach You in Dental School; Jeffrey J. Tonner, J.D.
  • Materials in Dentistry; Jack L. Ferracane  
  • Math Principles and Practice: Preparing for Health Career Success; Michele Benjamin-Chung
  • Medical, Nursing and Allied Health Dictionary, 4th edition; Mosby
  • Medical Law and Ethics; Bonnie Fremgen: Pearson.
  • Medical Terminology;  Genevieve Smith, Phyllis Davis, Jean Dennerll
  • Medical Terminology, 4th edition; Barbara Janson Cohen
  • Mosby's Dental Dictionary (Professional Review Copy); Thomas J. Zwemer
  • Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Professions, 6th edition; Mosby Elsevier
  • Mosby’s Pocket Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Professions, 5th edition; Mosby Elsevier
  • Prevent Death by Lecture; Sharon Bowman
  • Preventive Dentistry; Norman O. Harris, Franklin Garcia-Godoy
  • Physicians Desk Reference 2012, 66th edition.
  • Physicians Desk Reference 1989; Edward R. Barnhart
  • Physicians Desk Reference 1990; Edward R. Barnhart
  • Physicians Desk Reference 1991; Edward R. Barnhart
  • Physicians Desk Reference for Nondescript drugs; Edward R. Barnhart
  • Radiographic Imaging for Dental Auxilaries, 3rd edition; Miles, Van Dis, Jensen, Ferretti, Saunders
  • Roget's College Thesaurus; Philip D. Morehead
  • Spellright; Jane Rice
  • Stedman’s Medical Dictionary;2007; Stedman
  • Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing; Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins
  • Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary; F.A. Davis
  • Using Dental Materials; Eleanor D. Vanable, Laurence R. LoPresti
  • Young's Learning Medical Terminology; Miriam G. Austrin
  • Webster's Compact Writers Guide; Merriam-Webster Corporation
  • Webster's Compact Dictionary of Synonyms; Merriam-Webster Corporation
  • Webster's Guide to Abbreviations; Merriam-Webster Corporation
  • Webster's Instant Word Guide; Merriam-Webster Corporation
  • Webster's Medical Speller; Merriam-Webster Corporation
  • Wheeler's Atlas of Tooth Form, 1st 4th, and 5th editions; Major M. Ash