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Reading Apprenticeship and RATs: Reading Apprenticeship (RA)

This guide is to support RTC's RATs (Reading Apprenticeship Teachers and supporters) in improving student reading comprehension in content-areas with the use of WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship framework. is now being redirected to this site.

  Books about RA

Click on the book title links below for more info from the RTC Library's online catalog.

WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship

"WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship helps teachers support students to become motivated, strategic, and critical readers, thinkers, and writers. Our research-based framework supports...students at all levels to develop positive literacy identities and engage with challenging academic texts. Teachers...implementing Reading Apprenticeship find that it can produce a dramatic, positive transformation of students’ engagement and achievement not only in literacy, but also in learning across all academic disciplines."


RTC faculty and staff have access to copyrighted WestEd documents that are stored on the college's T-Drive. Go to the SHARED folder, then the RATs folder, and finally to the RTC Use Only - Copyrighted WestEd Files folder. These files are ONLY to be used by RTC faculty and staff and are not to be shared outside of RTC without permission from WestEd.

Reading for Understanding

Introducing Reading Apprenticeship

RA at ARC (American River College) with Dr. Chris Padgett - 2015

Reading Apprenticeship at RTC - Documents and Websites

Other Websites about Reading Apprenticeship

RAT Tracks Tips Sheet - Four Dimensions of RA

DVDs about RA

These DVDs were all produced by WestEd's Strategic Literacy Initiative in Oakland, CA. They are available for checkout by RTC faculty and are shelved at the RTC Library's Reserve Desk. Click on the title links below for more info from the RTC Library's online catalog.