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Reading Apprenticeship and RATs: Think-Aloud

This guide is to support RTC's RATs (Reading Apprenticeship Teachers and supporters) in improving student reading comprehension in content-areas with the use of WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship framework. is now being redirected to this site.

RTC Library Materials

Below are RTC Library materials about using Think-Alouds. Click on the title for more information about the item from the Library's online catalog.

Think-Aloud Definition and Use

Think-Aloud encourages readers to engage in metacognitive conversations as they talk out loud about what they are thinking in their heads as they interact with the text.  This makes the "invisible" process of reading more visible.  Instructors model a Think-Aloud before students do a pair and share or small group discussion.  Over time, using Think-Alouds deepens readers' thinking, metacognitive conversations and reading comprehension.

For more info about using Think-Alouds, see the lead articles in the January 2009 and April 2010 issues of the RAT Review newsletters. The newsletters can be found at the RATs website. Go to, click on the RA at RTC link and then on the link for the newsletters.

Also see pages 12-20 of WestEd's Metacognitive Conversations: Making Thinking Visible document and WestEd's Think Aloud Bookmarks and Checklists document. Both documents are available to RTC faculty and staff via the RATs website.  Go to and click on the WestEd Docs link.  Documents are password-protected.  You will need to contact the RAT Pack to get the password.

Videos about Think Alouds

Think-Aloud READ Poster

RAT Tracks Tip Sheet - Readers Strategy Lists

Websites about Think Alouds