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Reading Apprenticeship and RATs: Personal Reading History

This guide is to support RTC's RATs (Reading Apprenticeship Teachers and supporters) in improving student reading comprehension in content-areas with the use of WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship framework. is now being redirected to this site.

Personal Reading History - Definition and Use

Help students create a Personal Reading History by thinking about and depicting key events in their development as a reader. When students can reflect on and analyze their past reading experiences, it is easier to develop better reading skills in the future.

Note that a reading survey (your reading preferences) and a reading history (your personal history about your literacy development) are two different things. RTC students can complete an online reading survey from computers in the RTC Library and computer labs.

RAT Tracks Tip Sheet - Personal Reading History

Website and Video Links about Creating a Personal Reading History

Michele Lesmeister's Class Creates a Personal Reading History

Ready-To-Use Templates - Personal Reading History

Click on the links below to access ready-to-use PDF files of Personal Reading History templates created by Michele Lesmeister.

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