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Reading Apprenticeship and RATs: Vertical Text Sets

This guide is to support RTC's RATs (Reading Apprenticeship Teachers and supporters) in improving student reading comprehension in content-areas with the use of WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship framework. is now being redirected to this site.

Vertical Text Sets Routine - Definition and Use

 A vertical text set presents information about the same topic in a variety of reading level ranges.  An example of a Vertical Text Set is an article on a specific topic from the World Book Encyclopedia used in conjunction with an article on that same topic from the Encyclopedia Britannica's Macropaedia.  Both articles are on the same topic, but the World Book article will have less detail and be easier to read and understand than the article in the Britannica.

Vertical Text Sets can be used to scaffold a reader to higher levels of reading.  

  RTC Library Materials

Below are a few samples of the RTC Library materials available on this topic. Click on the title link for more info about the item. Ask the librarian for help in finding these and other materials!

RAT Tracks Tip Sheet - Vertical Text Sets

Websites about Vertical Text Sets

Websites with Vertical Text Sets You Can Use