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Reading Apprenticeship and RATs: Schema

This guide is to support RTC's RATs (Reading Apprenticeship Teachers and supporters) in improving student reading comprehension in content-areas with the use of WestEd's Reading Apprenticeship framework. is now being redirected to this site.

Schema - Definition and Use

Schema refers to the structure of prior knowledge and experiences that are used to interpret and process new information on a topic.

  RTC Library Materials about Schema

Below are a few library materials about schema. Click on the title for more information about the item from the library's online catalog. Ask the librarian for help in finding these and other materials.

RAT Tracks Tip Sheet - Schema

Ready-to-Use Templates - Schema

These ready-to-use templates were created by RAT Pack Leader and ABE/GED instructor, Michele Lesmeister.

A few words about these templates for faculty use:

Anticipation Guide Template:  The template allows faculty to provide anticipatory statements for the students to read and then agree or disagree with.  Once the students have responded to the statements you have typed into the template, facilitate a discussion about the students' responses to the statements.  Support an open atmosphere and encourage clarification of points.  Have the students then complete their reading.  The return to the Anticipation Guide for a concluding discussion about how the article contributed to their schema and prior understanding.

Schema Chart:  This tool can help faculty who are discipline experts track the schema of their students and the demands of the reading.  This chart helps the faculty articulate and scaffold skills needed for building schema amoung their students.

Websites about Schema

Teaching Students to Analyze Complex Texts

Teaching Students To Analyze Complex Texts Infographic
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