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Culinary Arts: Books

Library and web resources for culinary and baking students.

About this page

This page provides tips for finding books on culinary topics.

Need help?

If you're not sure what you need, or how to begin, come in to the RTC Library, call us at (425) 235-2331, or email us at We'll be glad to help.

Finding Books

Use the box below to search the RTC Library Catalog for books, videos, DVDs, and journal titles.



Sample Searches

These are a small sample of the available materials. Please click on the description to view an RTC catalog search for materials on that subject. Note that the call number range will continue beyond the starting number; keep an eye on the titles to make sure that you are still in the section you want ('Go to Next page' is in the lower right of the catalog page).

Dewey Call Number Range

Description of Subject Area


Sociology of Food/Food Customs


Food & Drink




French Cooking
641.5945 Italian Cooking
641.5951 Chinese Cooking
641.5973 American Cooking
641.6 Cooking with specific ingredients (i.e. rice)
641.7 Cooking by specific techniques (i.e. brazing)
641.8 Cooking specific kinds of dishes (i.e. soups)
641.865 Baking
642 Meals, table service & catering
647.9406 Restaurant Operations and Catering


Restaurant Equipment


Video/DVD search

A sample of the culinary videos and DVDs in the RTC Library collection.


For electronic books (eBooks) that you can search and download anywhere from the web, go to the RTC Library Online Database page and click on EBSCO Community College eBook Collection. There you will find over 50,000 books on all topics.


This Pressbooks site contains several free online textbooks on the Culinary arts (scroll down for the list) and other topics. Culinary titles include Plant Based Recipes and Disease Preventative Information, Culinary Math, and more.