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Project-Based Learning: Natural Cleaning Products

Information about various types of Problem-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning

Natural Cleaning Products

Below are some resources about homemade, all-natural, non-toxic, green cleaning products for your home.  Ask your RTC Librarians for help in finding additional resources on this topic.

RTC Library Materials

Videos (turn on the CC closed captioning subtitles to have text of script on the screen)

RTC Online Databases

Try searching for newspaper and magazine articles in the eLibrary and ProQuest online databases that the RTC Library subscribes to and pays for (they are FREE to you!)

  • Go to the Library's website at
  • Click on the Online Databases link
  • At the Online Databases page, click on the title of the desired database
  • Enter your search terms (try using the keywords like natural cleaning products)
  • Filter the results by only looking at articles from magazines (they are easier to read and understand than articles from journals)
  • You can also filter results by date (for example, only look at articles from the last five years).