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Government Information, Statistics, and more!: Home

This LibGuide is an annotated list of government, statistical, and reference information websites.

This LibGuide is 'Under Construction'. It is becoming an annotated list of government (U.S., Washington State, and United Nations) and public service websites that have lots of useful/interesting information in them.

Each of the current tabs has some information on it, with 'Other Government Agencies' being the place where I am parking useful Federal Government links I've found that I don't yet have a specific tab or box for.

The 16 entries in the Federal Statistical System are now 'Finished'! ('Finished' is a temporary category, someone is sure to have some suggestions that will improve that section of the LibGuide). Also 'Finished' are 'U.S. Census Bureau', 'U.S. Justice Department', U.S. Immigration/Citizenship and 'Library of Congress', "Other Government Websites, etc." is 'almost finished', but I moved onto 'Washington State' and that Tab is now 'Finished'.  I will come back to 'OGW,etc.' (suggestions appreciated) later. The United Nations tab is now 'finished'. I am now working on 'Law Enforcement'. Check back soon to see the progress!

Here are two Google searches that I will eventually use to find more ideas/agencies I haven't thought of, searches with 'LibGuide' added to the search terms are often able to help you with your information need!: government+information+statistics+LibGuide government+information+LibGuide

If you have any questions, opinions, or suggestions, for this LibGuide please feel free to email me!

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Many, and eventually all, of the links in this LibGuide will open in a different tab, so you can click on a link without then having the LibGuide disappear into the past ( target="_blank"). If you encounter a link in any webpage or LibGuide that opens in the same tab you found the link in (i.e. the LibGuide disappears when the link opens) and instead you want it to open in another tab, hold down the Ctrl key while you click the link.